About us

The kindergarten and nursery were established after 10 year experience with language education in the kindergarten Hello, where we decided to lay the grounds for prime quality education for the smallest children, too.

Therefore, since September 2015 we have been providing the full-day care during 12 months of year (closed only during bank holidays) for all children from 1 to 6 years of age.

Currently we offer the variant in three languages – Slovak, English and Spanish. We have also prepared the programme for the Slovak class, which can be opened if enough parents are interested.

After you enter our kindergarten, you are in the territory of foreign country, where your child learns a foreign language naturally; i.e. the foreign language is the only communication tool with foreign lectors.

Our full-day programme, education and communication among children are in foreign languages, English and Spanish.

Educational activity and pre-school preparation is in Slovak language with a Slovak pedagogue, and thus we prepare your child to comply with the School Educational Programme prepared in accordance with the State Educational Program of the Slovak Republic ISCED O – pre-primary education.
Jazyková škôlka Banská Bystrica | SOEE
Our kindergarten offers:

  • Rebuilt premises, new interior, new furnishing
  • Special rooms for education, sleeping, serving meals, reception and cloakroom, hygiene facilities
  • Very good access to the premises of kindergarten and the parking place
  • Teachers wait your child in the morning directly in front of the entrance to the building
  • Classes with a low number of children: maximum size of group – 10 children and 1 pedagogue
  • Daily programme and a differentiated approach according to the specific age of child
  • We follow the programme of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and thus we ensure the prime quality pre-primary education in accordance with the State Educational Programme ISCED O.
  • Our own garden and playground and the possibility of free- time activities in the Town Park near our building
  • Prime quality meals all day long


You can register your child at any time and thus he/she can join our classes throughout the year.