Besides mastering the mother tongue, our trilingual programme includes the intensive and all day long communication in English and Spanish with foreign
lectors in an enjoyable way.

We have created the so-called trilingual system of education. It is focused on the acquisition of communication competences in the foreign language and in mother tongue
concurrently. This type of trilingualism is as also known as school or cultural one, because it takes place in an artificial environment in our kindergarten with the cooperation of foreign
lectors.image-021 As the child has a possibility to listen and communicate in the foreign language all day long, based on our previous experience and practice, it is possible to compare it with the
natural bilingualism, which is typical of bilingual families. This type of education can be ensured only by the parents speaking several languages from the birth of child, and thus the child speaks all languages naturally (natural bilingualism/trilingualism). We strongly recommend you to enrol your child as soon as possible so that natural bilingualism/trilingualism may be successful. It is possible to enrol your child at the age of one year. However, older children are also able to master this method, for example at the age of five. We have excellent results if the attendance is regular and parents cooperate.

What are the advantages of our educational system, and how is education carried on?

    • – The multilingual programme has been developing the child´s uniqueness, personality and comprehension much faster.
    • – The acquisition of languages is closely interconnected with perceptual experience and the situations that the child experience in our kindergarten continuously.
    • – The children learn the foreign language in a natural way because they listen all the time, imitate the language, and gradually learn how to use it.
    • – It is important to enable an intensive communication with a native speaker, to respect imperfect communication in the foreign language with the native speaker (the right to trial and error), to use various methods during language acquisition and to respect an individuality of the child.
      – the implementation of multicultural education into the programme.
    • – The focus on the child´s self-regulation, which means the systematic education of child.
      Thanks to the self-regulation, the children cope with negative emotions better, are able to mobilise their strengths to overcome obstacles, and respect and observe rules.
    • – The various activities in a pleasant family environment with the use of modern teaching tools and many modern toys with a differentiated full-day programme and experience-based learning.
    • – The daily programme modified according to the age-specific competences of child.
    • –Compliance with the programme of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic ensures the prime quality of pre-primary education in accordance with the State Educational Programme ISCED O.
    • – The children will receive the Certificate of Pre-Primary Education after completing the pre-primary educational programme in our kindergarten.
    • – We emphasise an individual approach to the child. We have implemented special thematic projects with 5-6 years old children, and we encourage their curiosity and desire to learn.
    • Thanks to knowledge acquired during our multilingual programme, the child can start primary education at top Basic Schools, where besides the good preparation for school in mother tongue, it is expected that the child can speak a foreign language in accordance with his age communication skills.